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Is this your life?

You have experienced trauma and abuse and wish to heal their influence on your life

Although you are aware of what you need to let go of, and who you truly are, you can’t seem to shift the negative patterns or create real change

You feel disconnected and different from those around you, and worry that there is something wrong with you

Your dreams and desires are locked behind a barrier of fear and restrictions

You struggle to enforce your boundaries, speak your truth, and find yourself accepting less than you are worth

You have sacrificed your happiness, peace, and success in order to feel ‘safe’

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Seek Growth Outside of Your Pain

The story of a woman's life have always included deep pain, trauma, sacrifice and limitations. There is a constant internal struggle between your true self, and who you have had to become to survive. These experiences, beliefs and fears build over the years and leave women feeling unworthy, disconnected, ashamed, and powerless.

To become the true guardian of your heart and mind, the false reality that you adopted must be transformed into wisdom, strength, trust and purpose. 

The deep pain and fear that you fight so hard to hide, are the very ingredients that will awaken the fiery queen within you. A queen that is unapologetically herself, a queen that has stood in the fire of growth and shines bright with confidence, serenity and courage.

It was an enlightening and light-filling experience. I feel light also from releasing the weight that I have carried. I stepped into my light and power. I acknowledged and accepted was is and will keep on doing so. What a beautiful journey.


The Rainbow Bridge Experience was truly transformative for me. Megan, Sonia, and their guest speakers, facilitated this experience with so much warmth and sincerity. It was amazing to be part of this collective discovery of our own vulnerabilities and truths. It was a very practical session and each activity helped expose, and give structure, to our own thoughts and judgements. The food, the coffee, and the laughs in between some hard emotional work made the clock on the wall melt away. 


If you have arrived at this opportunity
you are ready
If you are reading this now
it is time
enter the initiation of deeply sacred transformative work
you are being called


Using the wisdom and lessons of the elements, this one-day intensive immersion illuminates the wounds and unconscious patterns that drive your thoughts, your self-worth, and your ability to manifest successful relationships and careers. The Rainbow Bridge experience offers a deeply transformative journey that awakens and bridges your empathetic heart to your emotional intelligence, creating an evolution of self that leads to powerful self-leadership.

An amazing experience where I was empowered with knowledge and tools to work through false beliefs and change thought patterns to live my true self.


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a full day immersive experience that brings you:


Become a thought alchemist as you guide the nature of your thinking and bridge logic with intuition


Return to your village of belonging where all parts of yourself are welcomed and celebrated, and the gift of life is allowed joyful expression


Cleanse yourself of the deep trauma that has drowned your ability to accept goodness, love and certainty


Fearlessly step into the flame of your true power and embody the unfettered, unapologetically I AM Queen within you



(Johannesburg, South Africa)

7:30am | Registration

We begin our day with welcome drinks at our beautiful and tranquil hideaway set in the heart of Sandton.

8:00am | Introduction

As we settle into the intention for our experience, we go through the day's events and bring our awareness to this sacred time that you have given to yourself, and shared with your fellow brave queens.

8:30 - 10:00am | Wisdom

We begin our journey honouring the teachings of Air, uncovering the nature of our negative thought patterns and how they have inhibited our wisdom. Unguided thoughts create a disconnect from our authentic self and result in self-sabotaging behaviour and false beliefs.

10:00 - 10:30am | Tea Break

We allow ourselves to give the learning and experience to settle within us as we nourish ourselves with yummy treats.

10:30 - 12:00pm | Innocence

Returning to our sacred space, we enter the grounding foundation of Earth as we connect once again to the deep wounds of our upbringing and life experiences. We gently welcome back the feelings of abandonment, rejection and isolation and give voice to the shame that we have carried in our bodies, as we once again welcome our material self back into acceptance and unity.

12:00 - 13:00pm | Lunch

We break for lunch as we continue to allow the integration process to unfold.

13:00 - 14:30pm | Initiation

The cleansing power of Water introduces us to the feelings that have been suppressed throughout our lives. Looking at the separation between our emotional and physical bodies, we also align the masculine and feminine energies within us and honour the parts of ourselves that were sacrificed that creates a resistance to life.

14:30 - 15:00pm | Tea Break

Back to yummy treats and a chance to stretch our legs and discuss the learning with each other.

15:00 - 16:30pm | EXPANSION

We complete the cycle of elemental learning with Fire as we bring forth our strength, our power, and our voice. We fearlessly face the fear of loss and change, and instead step fully into the full ownership of our destiny and purpose. Your Queen is waiting to be called.

16:30 - 17:30pm | integration

The Rainbow Bridge between your past and your present, your light and your dark, has been built. We spend the last hour in acknowledgement and celebration for your willingness to be vulnerable, your courage to awaken, and the beauty of your truth.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of the retreat?

Each retreat is an investment of R4399.00

We offer payment plans of 2 equal instalments, if you would like to take this option please send us an email and we will assist.

Please check the cancellation policy below for details.

What is included?

The price includes all meals, snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. Also included are all the materials that we will use during the retreat, as well as a take-home workbook and surprise gift.

What is your cancellation policy

Due to the high demand of this retreat, we require full payment upon booking.

Cancellations received 14 days prior to the event incur a 50% cancellation fee, and cancellations received 7 days prior are charged at 100%.

What if the dates are booked?

We love running the Rainbow Bridge Experience, and we want as many women as possible to journey with us into empowerment. 

We aim to run one retreat per month, but will open new dates if there is demand. Our maximum attendance is 15 participants with a minimum of 10. 

If the date that you wanted to book is full, please complete this form to be notified of future dates.

Can you run this retreat in my town?

Hell yes we can! Let us know where in South Africa you are, and if you have a group of women who would be interested in joining. Our minimum attendance for out-of-town retreats is 15 women.

Please drop us a mail with your request.

Why is the retreat only for women?

Due to the nature of the work, we feel it is important to make the environment as supportive and gentle as possible. Men and women experience different expressions of wounds and trauma and respond differently to healing processes.

To learn about the Superhero Bridge Experience just for men, please click here.

As each of us strive to find our true selves, become the best version of who we can be, overcome our fears, grow, thrive and release ourselves from the shackles of our past pain, trauma and our conditioned brains, sometime it can just become too daunting and overwhelming to handle alone. The Rainbow Bridge was phenomenal in how the team held our hands and guided us through the process of enlightenment, empowered us with self-clarity, connecting our brains with our bodies and opened our eyes, hearts and souls into the world of HOPEFUL POSITIVE and EXCITING possibility to genuinely become rainbow queens and take control of our lives again! a truly LIFE CHANGING POSITIVE EXPERIENCE. Thank you Sonia and Megan!



Megan de Klerk



Megan is a Business Psychologist and has spent her 17-year career analysing and transforming organisations globally, focusing on deconstructing the complexity of human behaviour. Megan is registered with the British Psychological Society for ability and personality psychometrics, holds a postgraduate qualification in Business Leadership, and an M.Sc. in Occupational and Business Psychology.

As an Association of Business Psychologists Award Finalist for excellence in change management, Megan understands how to establish a culture of collective commitment to drive clear results and strategic outcomes. Her abilities to get under the skin of an individual's motivations, goals and barriers makes her a highly regarded coach and leadership development expert in her field.

Sonia Killik



Sonia is a Metaphysical Psychologist and author, and has been in private practice for 15 years. She has dedicated her career to supporting sustainable growth and healing for both individuals and organisations and has gained expert experience of the social, psychological and cultural dynamics of human experience and behaviour.

Sonia excels in understanding the client’s pain points, challenges and goals, in order to create solutions unique to their environment and capacity. She loves creating personalised and outcome-based facilitation, interventions and material to realise the completion of the individual or group’s goals, and has worked extensively with upper-management and leadership teams within a broad range of industry.


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