Megan has been an integral part of SATU's re calibration. Her calm demeanor and solutions-based attitude have helped her forge strong relationships with the Union Leaders whose training she facilitated with distinction. Megan believes in the power of her work to bring about meaningful change in organisations. This proved invaluable in the time she worked with us as that belief has been transferred to all involved in the project with the Union now charting a new more sustainable path.

Media Liaison


 I came to Sonia as an injured bird with little if no belief in myself. I was weighed down by the stress and strain of my professional work and years of wanting to be someone other then the monster I felt I had become. With Sonia’s support, help and strength the little injured bird grew stronger, learning to fly and believe in himself in order to take on the flights he always wanted to go on but knew he could never achieve in the past. Now the healing bird can do those marvellous flights, can achieve and create miracles in his own life, but also in his work life and his wider social life. Thank you, Sonia, you made it possible for me to do.

/ Jan


Sonia I cannot put in words how much our sessions helped me. You are amazing you were so in tune with what I was feeling and experiencing it’s amazing. I loved working with you and will definitely recommend you to anyone who needs not only a life coach, but a person who is so in touch with the client’s feelings that it’s almost super natural. I wish I can continue our sessions indefinitely. You are amazing, wonderful and I’m so glad the universe brought me to you.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.



Sonia is one of the most emotionally intelligent people I know. She often said to me that she admires the courage that I have to enter into these sessions; but the truth be told; she is really the courageous one as it takes someone really special to help other people in need and bring back the life we want to live. The connection and energy that I have had with Sonia during our sessions are amazing. Often the discussion point that I would raise would be something that has already come to her mind before our sessions began. This alignment strengthened our conversations and I am truly invested in the experience and process. There is a real understanding of the challenges I face, and she is masterful at breaking it down and getting me through it.



I would highly recommend Megan de Klerk as an exceptionally talented professional coach. I was introduced to Megan as part of a senior management development opportunity to gain a better understanding of my leadership skills, communication approach and coaching proficiency. Megan immediately made me feel at ease taking time to understand me as an individual and my role within the business, she has a remarkable ability to ask exactly the right questions to draw out real & honest self-reflection which ultimately led to positive change for me as an individual and a senior lead. 

/ Senior Customer Experience Manager


There is just a small handful of people I have met throughout my years of experience as a case manager. Especially when it comes to young brain injury survivors following catastrophic events, a career consultant needs to be in place to ensure that my clients will progress to the best of their abilities. Matt made a profound impact on the lives of two of my clients through his mentoring and career consultation. His experience, professionalism, insight and guidance have not only helped my clients securing their dream job but have helped them boost their confidence to move on with their lives. Matt’s input to my clients was life changing and I am impressed with the changes he achieved in short periods.

/ Director of Home Rehabilitation Therapies


Megan is a breath of fresh air and a true asset for any organisation that values its people and wants to drive positive change. Megan’s ability to really get under the skin of an individual's motivations, goals and barriers is amazing.

Service Engagement Manager


I feel very privileged to have taken this journey with you Sonia, and at this time in my life. It has reframed my outlook and at a critical juncture in my life. You have a gift for what you do and the best part is that I can see how much you love it daily, and it gives you strength and purpose.  

 / Thomas


Megan has been doing some personal coaching sessions with me which have proved very insightful and helpful. I have found Megan extremely easy to talk to; as a coach she listens well and helps you find your own way to new ways of seeing current situations and different options for learning and developing yourself.

/ Finance and Operations Manager




  • Individual coaching
  • Group coaching
  • Integrated workshops
  • Psychometric portraits
  • Mentorship support
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