The Ultimate Tool to Unlock Individual and Group Growth

Thinking Style Discovery© for immediate awareness of self and others. A uniquely powerful tool designed by the psychologists at the UP Team that is embedded in people’s behaviours almost immediately

Thinking Style Discovery© for immediate awareness of self and others. A uniquely powerful tool designed by the psychologists at the UP Team that is embedded in people’s behaviours almost immediately

We aren't your usual psychometric assessment, as we don't believe in boxing people into categories. But we do know that people think, feel, act, and relate differently and these variations create a magical mix of perspectives, strengths, and thinking patterns. The UP Team used our collective 38 years of experience in behavioural science to design our Portraits for one outcome: to immediately change people's lives.

No complex deciphering, no technical jargon, and no irrelevant information that quickly fades away. Just simple, highly impactful knowledge and tools that can (and is) implemented immediately. Understanding and mastering your Thinking Style isn't just about self-awareness; it's a passport to better problem-solving, stronger relationships, and a life without triggers.

benefits & awesomeness

Whether you want to remove triggers from your relationships, unite a team, supercharge your strategy, hire with purpose, or guide your clients towards tangible growth, Creative Portraits redefines how we connect and work



Harness unstoppable energy and clarity

Master your influence and reaction to others

Decode your habits and uncover your blind spots

Forge deeper connections with purpose and empathy



Fuel innovation and drive results

Master the art of diverse people management 

Turn your vision into actionable and cohesive directives

Communicate for precision speaking and active listening



Well-planned induction and strategy delivery

Seamless on-boarding for new members and leaders

Comprehensive solutions for conflict management

Revolutionise the way you connect talent with culture



Unearth team gaps and optimise recruitment strategies

Provide a unique and proven solution for your consultancy

Revolutionise team culture and new member on-boarding

Understand the influences creating company challenges

Without awareness of one's own preferences towards their working environment, ways of communicating, approaching tasks, or connecting to others; high stress and trigger zones become the norm. A lack of awareness of how others operate adds to the landscape of miscommunication, conflict, lack of trust, and disconnect.


Without a well analysed strategy that is successfully communicated and mapped out to your superheroes; real productivity and progress is overshadowed by directionless 'busyness'.


Constant deadlines and directives are pushed by leaders, without first creating buy-in and understanding, or allowing their superheroes to approach tasks in their own unique way.


Without the space to innovate and foster creativity, growth and agility are hampered; which usually results in failed implementation and a waste of revenue.


A lack of boundaries, a chaotic culture, and lack of empathy quickly leads to superheroes who are fast losing their motivation, initiative and energy; which feeds the cycle of leaders pushing progress over people.

Our Thinking Style discovery has a low evaluation bias and high face validity. It brings together divergent and convergent thinking, empowering all humans to become superhuman

Our unique Creative Connections Portrait provides an easy to understand framework to ignite awareness of our own, and others thinking styles; people are able to listen and relate with empathy by formulating an awareness of other’s individuality and unique approach to decisions and tasks. This depersonalises conflict and allows for authentic connection.

Relationships are able to flourish from the acceptance of how each human uses their own thinking style to navigate the ecosystem. Using the superpowers of all four thinking styles, your superheroes learn to harness their own gifts, use those of others, connect to a common vision, embrace learning through failure, and build trust and confidence.

Move beyond theory to real connecting and relating

It was an effective combination of solo coaching, senior leads group sessions and all Leads group sessions where no minute was wasted. I learned so much through the lense of different thinking styles and how we all interact. Sonia and Megan are very knowledgeable, helpful, and kind and sessions were very well prepared. There were many fun moments and even some vulnerable ones, and through all of it I developed my skills and bonded with the team.

Senior Quality Lead, WISE