Empowering people for business sustainability

This 6 month programme transforms business and leadership uncertainties, ensuring successful change management and growth. It fosters effective synergy by equipping companies with tools for success; enabling new teams to hit the ground running, and giving experienced leaders the space to go from great to awesome.

We emphasis the importance of behavioural change and embedding in order to create sustainability

Elevate Your Superheroes with Our Thinking Style Discovery©

In the vast tapestry of human interaction, one challenge stands prominently; our diverse thinking styles. The UP Team understands that how we approach problems, communicate our needs, and perceive the world significantly varies from person to person. This diversity, while enriching, can be a breeding ground for miscommunication, conflict, stagnant relationships, and hindrance to progress.

Unlocking Understanding with Creative Connections Pathway

Enter the Thinking Style Discovery© by the UP Team: an interactive journey designed to empower your superheroes with a deeper understanding of their unique decision-making and action preferences. In this engaging experience, individuals embark on a quest through the Creative Connections Pathway, unravelling the intricacies of their own and others' approach to problem-solving, communication, and conflict resolution.

With our methodology of Human First, we equip your superheroes to re-invent their blueprint to create a trigger-free life through understanding and self-love. Our Creative Connections Programme addresses the four levels of human experience in a non-threatening or judgemental way that instantly generates ‘ah-ha’ moments. The non-bias nature of our unique framework ensures that all demographics engage equally and grow with the knowledge and skills they are given.

our creative connections programme includes


Using their Creative Portrait (Thinking Style Discovery©), we provide a safe place for your superheroes to explore their superpowers and unique opportunities for growth, while working through barriers that may be impacting how they communicate and relate to others. This focused one-on-one time is a platform where people feel deeply supported, enabling them to recharge and reconnect to their stability and vitality.


Bringing the team together to discuss ideas, fears, wins, and challenges creates a cohesiveness in vision and communication. By uniting your superheroes, teams are able to synchronise their methods, streamline processes, and connect with each other authentically and with compassion. The UP psychologists facilitate the right level of challenge during group sessions to make sure these discussions are honest and open, and ensure that change is fluid, fun, and sustainable.


This explorative experience supports leaders in understanding how they can authentically create effectiveness and cohesion. Through interactivity and discussion, the Thinking Style Paradigm is thoroughly investigated in order to create a roadmap for productivity by using diversity in the right way, at the right time. Skills, knowledge and behaviours are analysed in a fun and non-judgemental setting so that leaders and team superheroes can transform communication and remove stress.


A uniquely powerful tool designed by the psychologists at the UP Team that ignites awareness of one's own, and other's thinking styles. This report provides an easy to understand framework that helps people understand their psychological preferences, their comfort and stress zones, and how they relate to the other styles. Portraits are completed online prior to the start of our programme.


We conduct thorough check-ins with your team at 3 and 6-month intervals to ensure the lasting impact of the changes we've implemented. We address any lingering old habits that might hinder the successful execution of strategies, the ease of communication and collaboration, and the expansive growth of both your people and your organisation.


We understand that words can mean different things to different people, through this 1 day workshop your people-facing superheroes will have the platform to explore how others perceive them and how best to spot the Thinking Style of who they are communicating with. This ability to quickly pivot the language used, supports your leaders and team members to share the message accurately and gain buy-in from the minute they interact with others. This workshop can be booked as a stand-alone, or in conjunction with the bigger Creative Connections programme.


I want to say this, and it means everything to me; you (Megan & Sonia) changed my life. Thanks to you my two biggest enemies, work-life balance and prioritisation, became so clear and sorted out that it has completely changed how I look at things and let them come through to me is secondary, because I barely feel stressed anymore. It's such a big difference compared to stressing out every evening, every Sunday and having these anxiety moments. You made my life quality so much better. I'm forever grateful and I wish everyone would have the chance to meet with you or at least people like you in their lifetime!

Elo Tamm

Quality Team Lead, Wise

It was never ever boring. It might not sound like very meaningful feedback, but knowing myself and comparing with all the previous training I received, I was always 100% there with you guys, never wandering somewhere else in my thoughts. 

Quality Team Lead


The course was sold to me as a telephone and communication etiquette Training. I was immediately irritated and then said to myself that I am forced to do this and perhaps I may learn something new. I was totally surprised. Megan and Sonia opened up my brain, dug deep inside to help me understand my strengths and weaknesses. They taught me to identify how other people think and why they behave and react in that manner. To then take that and use it to understand and help others more effectively. A truly unconventional way to get the best interaction between two parties. I was also able to use this very effectively on family and friends as well. I immediately noticed that I stopped being so reactive to so many things. I am now the poster person for "calm and collected". 

Complaints Agent 


One of the best training sessions I have been to. The facilitators were fantastic and would recommend this training to different people within the company.

Tharushen Munsamy

Team Leader, Guardrisk

True well-being and growth is only possible when we stop managing people through process, but rather incorporate their emotional and mental complexity into change programmes.

How can we transform your people and your business?

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